Cris Vilela, B.A.
Cris Vilela, B.A.
Mortgage Agent
FSCO Lic. M15000377

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Cris (Cristiano) Vilela

With 14 years of accumulated experience with two of Canada’s biggest banks and a solid education in personal financial planning, Cris is well positioned to guide you on how real estate fits into your overall financial goals.

Since 2000, he has built a personal real estate portfolio of units including single family homes, condos, multiplexes, commercial/residential mix and industrial, and can provide insight gathered first-hand on variety of matters related to any type of real estate.

When not helping clients with their real estate needs, Cris is likely to be found spending time with his wife and three young children, or playing any number of sports recreationally.

He is a member of the Kingston Rental Property Owners Association and the Napanee Rental Property Owners Association, a director of Sustainable Kingston, a trustee with the micro-grant organization Awesome Kingston, and operator of the popular Make It Home Kingston Twitter and Facebook traffic accounts.

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