It’s been 21 years since our last home purchase and dealing with mortgages was a thing of the past. We had been keeping our eye open for the right waterfront home over the past 3 years when suddenly one came up.  Before we knew it the same day we were jumping full in with an unconditional cash offer.

Finding the right home may seem like the hard part of a real estate transaction, but in reality, getting the best financing can be much harder and critical.

Our real estate agent highly recommended we meet with Jeff Stafford of Kingston Mortgage Solutions.

Jeff listened to our requirements and then came armed with suggestions for terms of loan term, ideal interest rate, down payment strategies, targeted monthly payments based on family cash flow & down payment scenario’s, bridge financing option and flexibility around increasing payments on the principal.

The differences Jeff was able to bring to the table for us was the following:

1 He was able navigate around the financial institutions with mortgages that appear to be the best deal out there at any given time.

2 He was able to package our application, what pitfalls to look out for, and how to protect our interests when dealing with the financial institutions.

3 Jeff was able to insure bridge financing if our existing house sold last minute so we could apply the income against the new house purchased down payment. This happened and Jeff stick-handled the last minute agreement changes like a pro!

4 Jeff worked for us (not the lenders), he offered us unbiased advice and helped us select the mortgage that’s absolutely right for our situation.

5 Jeff gave us personal service you just cannot get from a bank, like after hour meetings or on weekends as needed due to our busy schedules. He even dropped by during our new house move bearing coffee and doughnuts showing he cares about his client’s success. The movers like it too.

6 Jeff is mortgage professional with years of experience, and that helped us navigate the tricky loan application process. We applied only once then let Jeff do his magic. His know-how worked to our benefit and it greatly “reduced stress”, “time” and gave us “greater level of confidence” that complications would not occur both during and after the mortgage process.

Using a mortgage broker like Jeff is by far the best way to go about finding and arranging the very best mortgage to suit your specific needs. You might be lucky and get the same rate that a broker could get for you, but what you won’t get is all the facts about the mortgage that you have shopped for or the stress-free peace of mind and strong customer service Jeff provides!

You can’t go wrong with Jeff and his team we highly recommend his services!

A & T

Janet MacDonald is awesome to do business with; I highly recommend Janet for your mortgage necessities; what she can do for you is impressive and the service is excellent! I found Janet to be very knowledgeable and understanding. I walked away feeling very pleased with my mortgage needs and I felt like I made a new friend. I also love how Janet keeps in contact with her clients. Janet truly is a magnificent businesswoman.

Pamela Black, Kingston
Keith and I wish to sincerely thank you!

In fact please consider this a letter of recommendation for anyone considering your services.  Throughout the process you showed remarkable concern for our future plans. Our plans are complicated and not without challenges. You determinedly worked through each potential hitch and we now have a wonderful home, beautiful boat and a retirement income plan. No small feat! And one that may not have occurred had you not listened carefully and respected our dreams. Then you did everything within your power to get it all organized.

We will highly recommend your services.

B & K
We recently had the privilege of working with David Sutherland to secure the financing for the purchase of our new home.  His advice and service was direct, timely, and on point from start to finish.  Our family wouldn’t hesitate to recommend David to anyone looking for insight into financing options that are available.  He most certainly is a true professional in the industry.
Craig & Tara

We had Janet set up a not-so-straight-forward credit line for us. She did an incredible job pulling it all together. Lots of energy, communicative, quick response and personable (and tolerant). I would recommend Janet to anyone doing any kind of financing

John V.

Jeff Stafford was professional, knowledgeable and provided fantastic service when it came to our financing needs. Both the construction mortgage and eventually the conventional mortgage were products that entirely met our needs, with great rates. We would not hesitate to recommend him, and have done so to friends, family and colleagues.

C & J

I have worked with Janet on two occasions in the past two years. The first one was in purchasing an investment property and the second was in refinancing my loans and mortgages. Janet is extremely knowledgable and has an excellent working relationship with the financial institutions. She was able to educate me on my options and come up with the best solutions for my financial outlook for the present and with a view to the future. This is as a direct result of her intimate knowledge of the business and the changing rules and regulations. I would, without hesitation, recommend Kingston Mortgage Solutions when you are interested in financing your investment and home purchases. They have made a very big difference in my financial outlook as a result of the ideas that were put into action.

Lisa, Kingston
When we received our posting message moving us from Germany back to Ottawa, Canada, we knew we were going to need lots of support.  Being military means a lot of moving around, but moving across the ocean somehow seems more daunting.  What it really means is that you have to have all your ducks in a row ahead of time to make it run smoothly.

We contacted Jeff Stafford, at Kingston Mortgage Solutions, to find out if he could help us with our mortgage.  We knew that it would have to be someone willing to work with us using technology, since distance prevented us from meeting in person.  Not only were we able to secure great rates, but Jeff was able to provide us with the support we needed to ensure that, at least one portion of our move, went smoothly.  He made himself available when we needed him, answering all of our questions, and effectively guiding us through the process.  It was painless, and we were prepared.

We recommended Kingston Mortgage Solutions to many of our military friends, and will not hesitate to recommend them in the future.  If you are looking for knowledgeable, friendly, reliable and dedicated service; look no further than the folks at Kingston Mortgage Solutions.

M & R
I appreciate the care and dedication Jeff has for his clients.  One thing that really stuck with me and I think is important to mention is how you ACTUALLY listen to your potential clients.

What I mean by that is when I consulted the bank for a mortgage I clearly voiced the fact that I wanted the shortest mortgage years as possible, however, for some reason they were very persistent with a 25 to 30 year mortgage.  When you and I met and I voiced the same concern you looked at every angle to see how we could make this mortgage as short as possible, but without financially making it difficult for me.  You actually listen to my needs.  That was what impressed me the most about our meeting.


I would recommend Janet MacDonald to anybody in a heartbeat. My wife and I knew her from our friends. And we had the best experience. Janet understood our needs for the mortgage and tried her best to accommodate them. She is professional and she can explain things using our language. Plus we feel that Janet really cares about her clients. We first talked to her when there was still years left in our five-year rate mortgage. Two years later when we met again, she pulled out a folder with all our files along with her handwritten notes from the first meeting. She still remembered our questions and requests. We were very pleased.

WY, Kingston

Janet has been my mortgage broker for close to ten years now, since the purchase of my first home. She has always been dedicated to me as a client, ensuring that I understand the mortgaging process and fines the very best rate available. She has always been extremely easy to get a hold of, and returns her messages very promptly. Though I now live in a different province due to a military posting, Janet still sends a calendar gift certificate every year, along with Christmas cards and newsletters. This kind of customer service is extremely hard to find, and when our mortgage is up for renewal, she will be the first person I call.

Aspasia Angelina, Oromocto, NB

We were new to the area. We were tired of using the big banks. Our real estate agent recommended Janet. She was a breath of fresh air. Explained things to our level – professional, overall great experience. I would recommend her to anyone. It was nice to see an organization up to date on all aspects of financing.

Lillian Coady, Kingston
Thank you so much for all your help, David. We really appreciate your flexibility in working with us around our schedules and being available after hours to answer our many questions. It’s been a pleasure working with you, and we will certainly recommend your services to anyone we know who is looking for a trustworthy broker! 
Hi David,

Thanks a million for your professionalism, punctuality and everything you have done for us.  You took what could be a very stressful aspect of of the relocation for our family and made it seamless (and dare I say easy) for us.
Thank you for everything.