At Kingston Mortgage Solutions, we have a team of commercial mortgage agents/brokers who specialize in commercial mortgage transactions.  We specialize in projects such as commercial or industrial building purchases and refinancing, to release equity for debt repayment or the purchase of another property.  We have access to multiple lenders who compete for your business, so we can get you the best rate.

Our commercial department is a designated CMHC Correspondent, which ensures you get the best deal for High-Ratio Mortgage transactions. What this means is they receive the CMHC # for a specific property, then shop to MANY markets, allowing you to receive the best rates for the smallest down payment.  Many banks and mortgage brokerages simply send your borrowing requirements to one lender, which results in having only one option.

Examples of some of our products include the following:

  • Multi-Residential Properties
  • Hotels
  • Industrial Occupancy
  • Mixed Commercial/Residential Properties
  • Restaurants
  • Professional Office Space
  • Malls
  • Renewals/Debt Consolidations
  • Vacant Land
  • Construction Development/Projects
  • 2nd Mortgages
  • Retail Properties
  • Seniors Complexes

Through our connection to Mortgage Alliance Canada, we are able to offer commercial mortgages nationally (including Quebec).  Their many decades of experience in commercial mortgages affords the luxury of having key relationships with lenders/investors that benefit our clients.  Being kept ‘in the know’ about who has special pricing for a particular class of business can save our clients money by being in the right place at the right time.

Leasing Options:

Our leasing department can find competitive leasing options for equipment to operate your business.