Banks are notorious for sending out renewals at much higher rates than their best rate available.  Often their renewals are offered at posted rates, which are usually about 2% higher on a 5 year term than best discounted rates.  They don’t do their clients any favours, as they play the odds that most will just blindly sign it back.  70-80% of people, in fact, just sign and send it back, and by doing so forfeit potentially thousands $$$$ in interest.  Allow Kingston Mortgage Solutions to do the shopping for you, and get competing banks/credit unions/lenders offering the best deal available in the industry.  Our rates are generally better than at the banks anyway.

Also, strategy to work towards your mortgage burning party is not something a lot of lenders/banks do for clients.  Allow Kingston Mortgage Solutions to tailor payments, pre-payment privileges, and other strategies to be mortgage free faster.

To get the best deal a mortgage should be reviewed 4-6 months prior to its expiry.  Pull your mortgage statement to see when it expires, then flag it for 6 months out.  We can hold a rate for 120 days and watch rates during that period.  If rates go down, you always get our best rates.

Lastly, with rates being so low it is worth a free no-obligation mortgage check-up, since there may be great savings even with after paying a penalty out.